This page is for the curious minded, Fancy knowing why and how Kate does what she does? Here are few behind the scenes thoughts and images explaining Kates process as she picks up her paintbrush.


F I N D I N G   C O N N E C T I O N 

This is a conversation about several collections: Land Abstraction, Fragmented, PROM + Tactile Memory. 

Finding myself. Finding connection. Homing in on skills whilst being in one place for a longer than usual time during lockdown in 2020, I used the self- isolation of to observe and reflect interacting with the landscape, literally within a running distance from my front door. 

This way of working has always been there, I catalogue and draw out the details within my surroundings. Figuring out its unique and bespoke sense of place and taking it with me. I continue to use this practise today.

Each collection has a different title as I find myself using different techniques and approaches to my paintings. Playing with memory, using it to ground myself and recalling the rolling landscapes as I run past. 

Using these different techniques to immerse myself within the landscape is amazing as I find new ways to connect with my home. Painting and drawing can become very hands on as the instinctive marks become second nature, using a plethora of different tools to create a mark, using my body and brain in different ways always makes the art you produce much more exciting.

Using my photography and location there is a collection of new landscape paintings in varying sizes. I work over several pieces and several sizes all at one time as when I have a tool in hand the memory of my surroundings lives again.

Pigments that are indigenous to your location are incredible and I always find certain colours make me think of different places, I place these through out my work as ties to that specific time.

Fragmented. Is a collection using literal fragments of a moving landscape snapped and captured within the movement and colour I picked out. 



G O I N G    T H E    D I S T A N C E   2019/2020 

This collection was inspired by the volcanic stone and lush landscape on the other side of the world. 

I have always felt an itch to catalogue colour and the tactile nature of the environment around me. Traveling from the highest point on the North Island down to the South  of New Zealand was so inspiring and packed full of awe inspiring vistas I just had to capture them and bring it home.