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THE MUNDANE SPACES BETWEEN US' Drawing inspiration from the peripheral spaces in everyday life. Kate is drawn to these overlooked corners and details as they crave your attention, yet few peer behind the veil into their lost worlds. This collection is playful using materials to push the boundaries and fragility of the lines visible, emotive and historic.
Ash. Poets. Inspector.
Invite. Queen. Patrol.
Sentences. Route. Repeat.
'THREE LANDS' is a collection working on the connection between three different spaces. Kate has been travelling between central London, Newlyn and the Lake District for the last year in short succession. Creating a world of information where the onslaught of inspiration has merged in her mind creating an almost ethereal landscape.

River. Road. Gears. | 360x360mm

Solo. Hogs. Star. | 360x360mm

Steer. Empty. Land. | 360x360mm



'SIDE LINES' Is a series of smaller works all toying with the edges of space and empty voids. These are where treasures are found. On the sidelines is a beautiful place to be able to see the whole picture and unpick the possibilities. Watch how materials flow and inform the next step to capture these small diversions all around us.